Meepleopolis Game Library Classification

We have over 350 board games, card games and role-playing games to choose from.

2 hour game play free with any food menu purchase or $10 per person. $5 for children under 12.

Full Steam Ahead

These games are easy to pick-up and work out how to play using the rules within a couple of minutes. These games should not need Game Guide support but teaching is available if time permits

Think it Through

If you’re an experienced gamer you should be fine but if you’re new to games you might need some help with this. Our Game Guides will help if they can!

Hold on a Second

These games are complicated and recommended for experienced gamers only. On a busy night we can only teach these games if you have pre-booked otherwise our Game Guides will only be able to help with troubleshooting and specific questions e.g. NOT “How do you play?”

This Will Take a While

These games are intended to be played over multiple game sessions and can be reserved for $10/week. Normal game hire fees apply. We are not able to teach these games but can help with troubleshooting / specific questions. Please ask one of our Game Guides to play one of these games.

RPG Library

Role-playing games are not board games, but we love them just as much!  We have a range of role-playing worlds to explore and miniatures, dice and other accessories to hire.  A $40 deposit is required to hire any item from our RPG library (refunded on return of hired items).  Normal game hire fees apply.  We are not able to teach these games but are more than happy to help troubleshoot  or answer specific questions.